2-21-14 Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit (Matthew 5:3)


Blessed are the poor in spirit,

who listen to God’s voice and hear it;

the humble few, those who depend

upon the Lord, their only friend,

who recognize how weak they are

and cry to God to heal their scar.

Though full of needs they pray instead

for others who lack drink and bread.

The poor in spirit comfort those

with broken hearts because they know.

You find them doing lowly work;

they don’t complain nor do they shirk.

The spirit poor do not have pride;

accomplishments are self denied.

They know there’s nothing they can do

without God’s help to see them through.

Blessed are the poor in spirit;

they seek God’s heart though they live near it.

Heaven’s kingdom is all theirs,

these righteous souls, these worthy heirs.

Though they are poor in spirit now,

the Lord will all His love endow.

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