2-22-14 Blessed Are They That Mourn (Matthew 5:4)


Blessed are they that mourn,

whose souls are abused and torn,

who cry for the sin of others,

their children, their spouses, their mothers.

They weep for their own dark sin,

not knowing just where to begin;

they mourn for their own unbelief

that causes them much pain and grief,

whose unworthiness breaks their own heart

for they fear it will keep God apart.

Blessed are those ones who cry

for the wickedness this world lets by

while the righteous are fettered and gagged,

their poor bodies then beaten and dragged.

These ones have compassion for all,

even those who steal, lie and maul;

they mourn because mankind is lost,

full aware of the eternal cost.

They’ll be soothed from the spirit of God

and find comfort when in Heaven they trod.

These sensitive souls will know love

from a legion of angels above,

and soft peace eternally gained,

no more tears on their cheeks etched and stained.

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