2-23-14 Blessed Are The Meek (Matthew 5:5)


Blessed are the meek,

the ones others may think of as weak.

These souls are gentle and kind,

possessing an untroubled mind.

They are not easily provoked,

for they look first to God evoked.

They bear with calm peace all affronts,

and are not the kind to confront;

the meek truly are those who are humble,

not given to bicker or grumble.

Their minds are not focused on self

and they don’t put their friends on a shelf,

but instead think of all others first

and will not let a stranger know thirst.

The meek have no envy or greed;

they’re content with what God has decreed.

Here you’ll find that they follow His Will,

for their spirits are placid and still

as a fruit of the Spirit of Christ,

whose love is both pure and sufficed.

They simply see God in all things

and express all the joy that it brings.

The meek shall inherit the Earth,

purified and given new birth,

and joint heirs with Jesus they’ll be,

His kind face will the meek always see.

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