2-24-14 Blessed Are Those Who Hunger And Thirst (Matthew 5:6)


Blessed are they who hunger and thirst

for God’s perfect love and righteousness first.

Though most of the world seek only to feed

their mind and their bodies with earthly needs,

the spiritually starving are searching for God

through Christ’s holy life and the path that He trod.

Drunk with the yearning for what Heaven gives,

these souls are aware that their Savior lives

and will not just settle for truth as it’s spoken,

they are not content with words as a token.

Hearts that are crushed with ecstatic longing

will soon be so full of peace and belonging.

Like water and food for the physical form,

God’s love sustains life for us to reform

until we are mirrors of Christ’s holy being,

His Spirit within us both knowing and seeing.

Those bodied in Jesus need His righteousness

to worship their Father; they seek nothing less.

When you start to ache with sacred desire

nothing will quench that sanctified fire,

but do not despair for your soul will be full,

no longer possessed by love’s hungry pull.

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