2-25-14 Blessed Are The Merciful (Matthew 5:7)


Blessed are the merciful, the souls that are forgiving;

for they’ll be shown God’s mercy, the reason well worth living.

The merciful extend their love to those whose lives are broken:

the indigent, the miserable, the ones who suffer unspoken.

Not only have compassion for relatives and friends,

but show true, tender mercy to strangers who offend.

Mercy makes you patient, considerate and kind,

just like our blessed Savior to both the lame and blind.

The merciful extend their grace to both body and soul

and show forgiveness to the ones who would wish to control.

They teach the ignorant patiently as leading by example,

reproving sins so gently that their hearts will not be trampled.

These loving souls forgive the ones who wish to hurt or harm,

for Jesus did the same, you see, without overt alarm.

The merciful are always there comforting the lost,

extending love and sympathy regardless of the cost.

Yes, blessed are the merciful, for they’ll have mercy given

in both this life and heaven, their sins will be forgiven.

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