2-28-14 Blessed Are The Pure At Heart (Matthew 5:8)


Blessed are the pure at heart,

the ones who love God from the start.

Blessed are they who are filled with the spirit

and still seek His presence although they are near it.

Not pure in action, word or thought,

but in the bright place where nothing is fraught.

The earthbound heart is not naturally clean,

but Christ justified from sin, now serene.

It must be all covered with blood from the Lamb,

and sealed with God’s grace, clean in exam.

The pure at heart are easily known,

just look at the fruit of the seeds they have sown.

These beautiful souls don’t know they are pure,

they spend all their time helping others be sure.

The pure sees God’s hand in every last thing

and stay focused on the love that He brings.

The pure will see God when they leave this earth,

the heavens will ring from their joyous mirth.

One comment on “2-28-14 Blessed Are The Pure At Heart (Matthew 5:8)

  1. How well you expressed God’s Love. I’m blessed to see your loving relationship with Jesus. God bless and much love

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