2-27-14 Blessed Are The Peacemakers (Matthew 5:9)


Blessed are the peacemakers, the brave and loving souls

who stand between disputes of those who cannot see their goals.

Thank God for the clear-headed few, they have the peace of Christ

and don’t resort to trickery and claim it is sufficed.

The peacemakers wish no enmity but are not pacifists;

they know the evil that men do and punishment exists.

The only true maker of peace is Jesus Christ our Lord;

His spirit must be present if there’s hope to stop the sword.

Blessed are the peacemakers who are serene and just

and do not fall to anger or some revengeful lust,

for they are called God’s children, receiving His pure love

because they seek diplomacy, tranquility above.

The prince of lies would want us all to argue, fuss and fight,

He tells the world that war is good, believing might makes right.

But don’t give in, don’t heed his words, instead call out for peace;

when you want this first of all, Christ’s love and ways increase.

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