2-28-14 Blessed Are Those Who Are Persecuted (Matthew 5:10)


Blessed are the spirited for being persecuted,

mocked and scorned and ridiculed, their voices gagged and muted,

hated by the world because they tell the gospel truth

and do not bow to carnal ways in old age or in youth.

These hunted souls are hated for standing up for Christ,

for being bold, professing truth, refusing to be priced.

The Christian cannot speak their faith and hope to other men,

while sin is praised and televised again and yet again.

Blessed are the martyred saints cut down in Africa,

macheted in the streets for Jesus, denying sharia law.

Blessed is the brave young girl gunned down professing love

for Jesus knowing she would die confessing Him above.

The faithful cannot have a simple prayer within their school;

they’re told it is offensive, then treated like a fool.

Christ told us we’re hated because He was hated first,

and when they hate the Son of Man, it’s God they really cursed.

Heaven’s kingdom does belong to all the persecuted;

there the wounds are healed by God, His love is undisputed.

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