3-1-14 Even More Undignified (2 Samuel 6:22)


Love! Break down the barn door and let the livestock free!

Do not be afraid of acting a fool. All the best fools do it.

The Sufis are drunk with wine; they spin like wild dervishes.

The apostles praise God in languages foreign to them

on the day of Pentecost; Foreigners testify to this.

Let yourself be drunk with love! Let the child dance!

Let the dignified stay at the wedding chapel,

This unrestrained love calls for celebration!

Devastation and ruin and other basement work can wait,

pass a bowl of wild abandon around the room

and yell to the band to crank up the volume!

You trimmed your lanterns last night;

now burn the midnight oil – the groom is here!

Now is not the time to tell the partygoers

we had to sell their houses to pay for all this.

This is home now! Drag the pews to the wall,

fill the chapel with colorful balloons and dive in!

Don’t look at me all spiritual and cluck your tongue.

I can be even more undignified than this.

Each of us worship in our own way.

Now take my hand or get off the dance floor!

Let the sober clean this mess up tomorrow.


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