3-2-14 Unsearchable (Romans 11:33)


A congress of gnats requested audience with the Lord one day,

and when they were before Him they issued their complaint:

“We are always being pushed around by the wind.

It does not respect our desires, and disrupts our daily plans.”

The Lord replied, “In order to give a fair judgment

I need to hear both sides of this. Bring in the wind!”

When the wind arrived, the gnats suddenly

had somewhere else more important to be.

Do not think yourself so important that you cannot be humbled.

Our greatest minds cannot create a single gnat.

Whenever you begin to feel full of yourself,

go outside, stretch out on the ground and gaze at the heavens.

God’s wisdom and power is so far beyond our understanding,

we would disintegrate to sub atomic material in an instant

if He shared one iota of His infinite knowledge.

We are, however, designed to absorb and reflect

God’s infinite love, through the clear prism of Christ our King.

Do not worry about what you do not understand.

It is ok to question, but you may not be nearly ready

for the answer.

Trust in God, and leave the driving to Jesus.

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