3-3-14 Surrender


Ask God now to take your life into His Holy hands

and shape it to His will today, into His perfect plans.

Don’t be dismayed, there will be times you have your way instead;

you think you know far better what goes on inside your head.

With prayer and practice you will learn to listen to the voice

of Spirit guiding you back Home where angels do rejoice.

We’re often like a child with a yo-yo for a will,

we let it go and jerk it back until we’ve had our fill.

Cut that string, O sister! Put your trust in God above.

Cut that string, O brother! There is nothing like His love.

You have free will to choose whatever road you wish to travel,

but if you walk the path alone, your life will soon unravel.

Without the light of God the way is dark, eventually you’ll stumble.

That light is Jesus, He’s the way, His truth will turn you humble.

You walked so long without His help your life was surely lost.

Reach out your hand, He’s standing near to take you to the cross.

It’s there you’ll learn the sacrifice Christ made to set you free,

He’ll open up your eyes at last and then you’ll truly see.

Surrender now, my friend, give up the struggle in your soul

and give your life to Jesus, His sweet love will make you whole.

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