3-5-14 On Thee Do I Wait (Psalm 25:5)


A sculptor looks upon a stone and sees the shape within,

and as he works the shape reveals its detailed self therein.

The same is with a painter, his blank canvas void of hue,

and a poet and his poem unwritten on the paper, too.

Oh, Lord, You must see something far beyond my roughshod ways,

for You are always working on me every night and day.

Please make me more like Jesus so that I might do Your will;

please shape my thoughts and actions using all Your loving skills.

I see myself a lump of coal and Christ a diamond rare,

but You see all that I can be and gently guide me there.

The painting is impatient to reveal itself in full;

the poem wishes it capable the pencil quick to pull.

Oh, Father, You know how I long to shine Your light so true,

but in Your time it’s happening; I wait all day on You.

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