3-6-14 Live To Die (2 Corinthians 4:11)


We close our eyes and bow our heads and pray to God above

that we could somehow be like Christ and live our life with love.

We think of all the miracles He did in God’s good name

and think of all the wondrous things we’d do with just the same,

how people round about us would be saved when these they saw,

oh, how we would praise Him, and then the crowds that we would draw.

We pray to have the wisdom and the words that Jesus spoke

to gather all the sinners and the spirit hungry folk,

while hushing those who think they know, the prideful hypocrites,

the posers and the haters, watch how quick we’d make them quit.

But would we be like Jesus if it meant an awful death?

Would we suffer horribly until our last full breath?

With gun to head or knife to throat, would we still praise His name?

Would we be beaten, scourged and hung in public with no shame?

My friend, to live a Christ-like life we must prepare to die,

to lay our life down for our friends, sometimes and not know why.

Make manifest the life of Christ within your mortal flesh;

accept the will of God and all the things that might express.

Now, would you live to die like Jesus on that wooden cross?

Prepare each day to be like Him, no matter what the cost.

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