3-7-14 Knowing


There are those who claim that if you can’t remember

the moment you were saved, you aren’t.


Right now, as you read these words, you know if you are saved.

It doesn’t matter if you remember the instant of your conversion or not.

Can you bring forth personal memory of your physical birth?

Some of us do recall the thunderclap of conviction,

the conflagration of conversion, the old man’s death.

What is truly important is NOW.

The Holy Spirit may have filled you to overflowing back then,

but now you feel parched and dry in comparison.

This does not mean you are not saved. It means you should go swimming.

When was the last time you thought to yourself, “Wow, I’m breathing air!”

Yet you breathe.

Do not worry if you sometimes have doubt.

Once in awhile, every child wonders

if the nurses had made a mistake in the nursery.

Do you have a new heart that pierces itself when you do wrong?

Do you have a new heart that fills you with warmth

when you hear the truth of the gospel?

Do you believe that Jesus lived and died for you and lives today?

If so, He lives in you.

You may have strayed like a forgetful, sleepy lamb.

You still belong to the Good Shepherd. Let Him lead you back to the flock.

Do you consider God your Father in Heaven?

Do you long to commune with Him more than you do now?

Remember, a child may disobey, but true parents won’t disown him.

When an alcoholic begins to become sober, he sees his life change.

He no longer frequent bars. His drinking buddies stop hanging around.

He thinks more clearly. He becomes a new creature.

Once sober, the alcoholic can no longer drink successfully

because his new self rebels. Drinking now makes him even more miserable.

If you are truly saved, you are not able to sin successfully.

The spirit of Christ in you won’t let you rest.

You don’t have to remember the moment you were converted, my brother.

Does His heart beat in you now?

Do you feel His embrace this very moment?

Surrender. All is well.

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