3-8-14 Absolutely Nothing (Romans 8:35-39)


Who can take this love away, this love of Christ the Son?

Who can stand between us now? I tell you, there’s no one.

No tribulation great or small can take this love away;

this new life is not meant to flee from suffering the fray.

There can be no distress to separate us from His love,

no persecution great enough to leave our Lord above.

Let hunger wrack our bodies, let no water pass our lips;

there is no torture of the flesh to make us lose our grip.

Take away our clothes and stand us naked in the street;

we will not cease in loving Him, we do not know defeat.

Let peril come upon us, let a sword be at our throat;

we’ll use our dying breath and shout the Lord we will promote.

Kill our bodies all the day with fire or with water;

we are but counted as His own, as sheep born for the slaughter.

Through Jesus who does love us, all these things we surely conquer,

for in Him is life eternal, and in Him is joy and wonder.

Death has no more power, for in Jesus we believe;

no life of pain and sorrow can force us to up and leave.

Not even angels can persuade us to abandon Him,

no principalities exist to stop us from this hymn.

Nothing now or in the past, no future form of things

can turn us from His loving heart, our Savior, King of Kings.

No height or depth in riches will dissuade us from the One;

no bribe or blackmail can exist to part us from the Son.

There is no creature great enough to make us run away;

our love for Christ’s eternal, and our love is here to stay.

No force on Earth or Hell will get between us and our Lord;

we all are children of our Father, all of one accord.

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