3-10-14 Father In Heaven


Father in Heaven, I love You so much, with all of my spirit and might,
And every atom that makes me is drawn to Your beautiful, brilliant pure light!
Thank you dear Father for Heaven and Earth, and everything else in between;
How grateful I am for the blessings You give, in the past and those yet unseen.
Every breath that I take how I praise You, Father God now I live in Your Grace;
Redeemed by the blood of Jesus Your Son, and my sins You forgot and erased.

In all that I do, Your love sees me through, and I worship You more every day;
Now the song in my heart will never depart, even now as I kneel here and pray.

Heaven is lit by Your glory and love, all the angels and saints call Your name;
Even down here in this imperfect place all creation whispers the same.
As I learn of You, O Father divine, through the words and the works of Your Son,
Veils of mysteries tear and their secrets reveal the marvelous things that You’ve done.
Enable me, God, to accomplish Your Will, give me courage and strength to succeed.
No force at all can stand in the way; You supply me with my every need.

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