3-11-14 (Now) If You Love Me (Then) Feed My Sheep (John 21:15-17) – Twin Acrostic Sonnets


Now if you love the Lord you’ll feed His sheep,

Obedient and willing child of God.

When chosen by the Father Christ to keep,


It’s asked of you to nourish e’en the flawed,

For weak believers seek the Gospel’s milk,


Young to the Word they need discipling;

Obliged by your compassion to their ilk,

Use all you have to God’s new living things.


Lost sheep there are that roam among the earth,

Ordained, selected in the dawn of time;

Vouched by the Son and loved despite their worth,

Emphatically seek those deemed so sublime.


Make this your calling if you love the Lord:

Engage and feed the sheep that He adored.


Trust in the Holy Spirit as your guide,

He’ll lead you to the sheep that Jesus loves;

Express to them the truth of why He died,

Nailed bleeding to the cross they’re that beloved.


Feed all the sheep of Christ your path may cross,

Elucidate the Gospel bold and sure;

Each lamb is precious and so worth the cost,

Devote yourself to this and you’ll endure.


My fellow Christian, feed His sheep today!

Your Savior wants to help you in this task,


So open up your heart to Him and pray,

He will use you to feed them if you ask.

Emblazoned in your spirit is the call:

Enriched by Christ’s pure love He gave His all,

Please feed His sheep, uplift them when they fall.

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