3-12-14 God Is Calling Your Name (Romans 8:30)


God is calling out your name; be silent and you’ll hear Him.

He sees in you what you cannot; it takes your being near Him.

He’s known you since the dawn of time; you are His precious child.

He longs to have you hear His call and turn to His bright smile.

Believe that Jesus died for you; have faith that He still lives.

God justifies the faithful child and all his sin forgives.

Reach out to Jesus as the one who saved you for all time.

He’ll take you in His waiting arms, eternal rest sublime.

Those whom God calls, He justifies; He waits for your surrender.

You cannot gain salvation from all the work you’ve rendered.

It’s faith alone that sets you free; believe that Christ’s your Savior.

Once you are saved you’ll start to change like Jesus in behavior.

Then glorified one day you’ll be; through Christ God’s Will be done.

But first you have to heed His call; believe that He’s the One.

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