3-13-14 Give Love


Give love! How simple is this plea! Give love like no tomorrow.

Today might be your last, you see; this day is just to borrow.

Give love to everyone you meet, no matter foe or friend.

God made the sour and the sweet, so love them to the end.

Give love when you need love the most; it sounds so hard to do,

Yet when you love, the Triune Host returns it twice to you.

Give love though busy, stessed or tired, no matter how you feel.

Remember love is most desired by those with whom you deal.

Give love without a single thought of what you might receive.

This is the way our Savior taught; on Him you should believe.

Give love, for this is why you’re here, to love as God loves you.

He gave His Son, whom He held dear so you may live anew.

Give love, my friend, give all, and then you’ll find there’s more to give.

Your prayer goes on far past amen; God’s love you can’t outlive.

Give love to all, give all to love, let Jesus be your guide.

His life is the example of a perfect love applied.

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