3-15-14 Wanting Is Not Having


I bow my head low and begin to pray

and say all the things that I usually say

but then when I mutter “I want You to stay,”

it sounds somehow as I expect you to stray.

I pray as sincerely as I can now be,

“I want You dear Lord to abide in me,”

I suddenly realize that this simple plea

makes it seem somehow like You abide in degrees.

I imply I don’t have when I say that I want,

as if I’m well fed but I think that I’m gaunt.

You abide in me now, it’s no carefree jaunt,

it’s not like You visit and parade me to vaunt.

If I seem to act that salvation’s ‘out there,’

I’m spinning my wheels, I’m going nowhere.

The past and the future aren’t meant to compare,

You’re always with me, You’re always aware.

When I say that “I want” I’m just like a plane

flying toward the horizon that I’ll never gain.

You’re always with me, I give You free reign;

In You I’m alive, with sin now I’m slain.

I know for certain that You are still Here;

I don’t need to beg, I don’t need to endear.

You see what I see, You hear what I hear,

You’re writing this now, I have nothing to fear.

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