3-16-14 On Listening


You talk to me through eyes of babes and wind through leafy trees,

through subtle whispers in my soul like a gentle ocean breeze.

I hear You calling out my name when I am deep in thought,

reminding me that I am loved though I may have forgot.

The hummingbird that came to me one still September morn

and paused to show how beautiful Your love makes us adorned.

You speak to me ten thousand times throughout my busy day;

I only hear You now and then and when I stop to pray.

O Master how I long to hear the timbre of your voice!

If I could only heed the call of spirit seek that choice.

The world is always pressing down around me everywhere;

I sometimes think I’m drowning and Your call is just like air.

You smile and then remind me that this doesn’t have to be,

I need to learn that I am dead to this surrounding me.

You tell me I can hear You any time I wanted to,

It takes but just a moment to be still and think of You,

and when I pause a second to remember what You’ve done

Your loving voice so clear I hear; Beloved, You’re the One.

When I cry and moan about the lack of Your sweet Presence

I am not listening; those times I miss Your essence.

Please, Lord, help me remember much more often than I do

to listen to the constant call that brings me near to You.

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