3-21-14 He Alone (John 14:6)

the way

If you think that Heaven’s where you’ll find security,

I tell you even angels fell into obscurity.

The only safety you can find is Jesus Christ our Savior,

for He alone can rescue you from your sinful behavior.

Don’t let yourself be tricked into the foolish train of thought

that every road will lead you Home. I tell you they do not.

Unless you turn to Jesus you will turn away from God,

for Christ alone can take you there; all others are a fraud.

You’re covered in a world of sin, the nature of the beast,

and no amount of scrubbing can clean your soul in the least.

The world is full of wise men who claim that they know the way;

they all, without exception, will instead lead you astray.

Christ Jesus is the way, the truth, the life, and He alone

can lead you forth where you belong beside God’s mighty throne.

His earthly life was perfect, the example of a son

who listened to His Father until all His work was done.

He sacrificed His perfect life, He died for all your sin.

You only need to trust Him for your new life to begin.

With faith in Jesus, Grace from God, the way to Heaven’s sure.

Christ alone can take you Home; His light is straight and pure.

2 comments on “3-21-14 He Alone (John 14:6)

  1. I love your poetry. It makes me smile.

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