3-22-14 These Two (Mark 12: 28-31)


Hear, O world, the Lord is One, the Lord our God is One.

There is no need to look around for more, no, there is none.

There are but two commandments that are greater than the rest.

Of all that God has told us, Christ said these two are most blessed.

“Love the Lord with all your heart, your soul, your mind, your strength.”

This is the greatest one of all, beyond all height and length.

Love the Lord with all your heart: your feelings and emotion;

love with passion, strong and true, as wide as all the oceans.

Love the Lord with all your soul: so pure and undivided;

the center of your conscience, where none can be confided.

Love the Lord with all your mind: your deepest thoughts and reason;

without a doubt, with no distrust, no selfishness or treason.

Love the Lord with all your strength: your confidence and might;

the strength of your conviction, being bold and so forthright.

The second great commandment: love your neighbor as yourself.

Would you ignore your every need and put them on a shelf?

When you look others in the eye, you see reflected there

a mirror of your very face, your own convicted stare.

You may not think so highly of yourself, this may be true,

but you still love yourself enough to see the whole day through,

and even if you hate the very person you’ve become,

your thoughts still focus inward, your survival’s number one.

But when you truly are in love, the world is bright and new;

there’s only your Beloved, your heart’s now outside of you.

To God we all are precious, and His love is more than all,

so when you meet another it’s not hard to just recall

that all the world’s our neighbor and beloved so by God.

In His image we are made; this fact should leave us awed,

so we are made to love with no conditions set in stone,

the friend and stranger both beloved: in love we’re not alone.

These two commandments speak the very heart of how to live,

to love God first, all others next with all you have to give.

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