4-1-14 Thy Will Be Done

Thy Will Be Done

I come to You on bended knee, adopted as Your son

and ask that You might make me see just how Thy will be done.

My sister will not follow You although her life’s near run;

in prayer I ask her heart renew, but lo, Thy will be done.

I set my mind upon a thing beneath the rising sun

but in the end the truth You bring; O God, Thy will be done.

It’s easy to accept this when my life is light and fun;

I jump and shout and say “Amen! I know Thy will be done!”

It’s hard, though, to accept the fact when I am ‘neath the gun;

I’d rather trouble would retract than say “Thy will be done.”

I need to learn that good or bad, when losing or when won,

the blessings or the trouble had, in all Thy will be done.

When Jesus saw the bitter cup He asked it be undone,

but loving You He drank it up; He knew Thy will be done.

As I go walking through this day You are the only one

and may I always seek to pray “My Lord, Thy will be done.”

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