4-3-14 Upon the Cross


He came here to do one thing, to die for all our sins,

to give His life as sacrifice until sure death begins.

He hung upon a wooden cross and bled for you and me,

and paid the price with all He had so we could be set free.

This man was pure, He sinned not once in His entire life,

the perfect sacrificial Lamb to bleed for mankind’s strife.

A cross is where two lines do meet upon a single place,

and here Christ reconciled our debt, replaced with God’s good Grace.

He is the bridge we cross if we desire to go Home;

before His death was hopelessness; we were destined to roam.

Jesus took His final breath upon that cross so mean,

and tore the veil ‘tween God and man; the way can now be seen.

He died for us, He gave His life because He loves us so.

Believe this now and be set free; eternal life you’ll know.

Not only did He die for us, He rose up from the grave,

the keys to death and hell in hand; we are no longer slaves.

Upon that cross still lies our sins; I left all mine up there,

paid by His precious blood and now no longer mine to bear.

He died for me, I live for Him; He now in me resides

To serve and save my fellow man so he may, too, abide.

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