4-4-14 An Echo of the Word


Jesus speaks to you always, in all ways;

Attune yourself to His voice: listen.

Your very life depends upon it, my friend.

His voice is the incessant hum of silence,

constantly reminding you of His eternal presence,

of HOME, drawn out in one beckoning sound

that pierces the very fabric of life and speaks to your soul.

Everything else is an echo of the Word.

Listen: He calls you Now.


If you do not hear His loving voice directly,

follow the echoes back to the Source

and you will find His gentle hand,

cupped to hold you safe and secure.

He holds it out in millions of forms,

not only so that you might take hold,

but to shelter you from the debris of those falling away.

You need only stretch forth your faith

to find the Way, the Truth, the Life.


Christ will save you from certain death,

if you only let Him.

Let Him wash you clean with His blood.

Let Him clothe you in His likeness.

Let Him teach you how to worship

and draw near the Source.

Learn the true Holy song of praise.

Reach out your hand in love

and touch the heart of God.

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