4-9-14 Like a Child Part I (Matthew 18:1-6)


Christ’s disciples once asked, “Lord, who is the greatest?

In Heaven’s bright kingdom, who is the straightest?”

Jesus then called for a child to rise

and come to His side, and He held him and sighed.

“I tell you with truth,” Jesus answered to them,

unless you soon change and be like this gem,

the Kingdom of Heaven will not be your home.”

He looked at the boy; Jesus’ eyes did not roam.

“Whoever is humble like this little child,”

Jesus said gently as He also smiled,

“They will be greatest in God’s Kingdom come.”

He smiled at the boy who had started to hum.

“Whoever welcomes a child like this

welcomes Me also and so has his bliss.”

He sent the boy back to go play with his friends

and to His disciples He spoke to this end:

“Whoever will cause one dear child to fall,

one of the children who love Me at all,

it would be better a millstone be hung

around his thin neck, then the sea would he plunge!”

Be therefore humble, respectful and mild

and love Jesus always like one little child.

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