4-10-14 Like a Child Part II


Unless you become like a child

you will not see the Kingdom of Heaven;

to become as one humble and mild

you cannot have pride to be leavened.

A young child is perfectly honest

and tells the truth just as it is;

unpretentious and shamelessly modest,

not afraid to admit wrong as his.

Be yourself when you’re talking to God;

Fathers see through false faces and lies.

He’s can see that you’re helpless and flawed,

understanding just hearing your sighs.

Like a child you must live in the Now,

unconcerned with the future or past;

don’t be worried and troubled by how,

this one moment is precious and vast.

Be submissive and keen to assist,

pleasing God is the first thing to do;

as a child make this why you exist,

seek His favor all the day through.

A child has no prejudiced thoughts,

doesn’t know how to hate and divide;

such dark things are not Heavenly taught,

to a child we all can abide.

In order to be like a child,

you must die and then be born again;

in this state you are so unbeguiled,

now in Christ you are in God’s domain.

Be like Jesus and perfectly trust

everything that the Father says do;

in all things He is flawless and just,

seeking only that you come Home, too.

2 comments on “4-10-14 Like a Child Part II

  1. Connie says:

    See, now THAT is the picture that should be hanging in every church!

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