4-12-14 Like a Child Part IV


The mind is a monkey in a cage.

It is a dog worrying its favorite stuffed animal.

It is a tongue that won’t leave a chipped tooth alone.

If left to its own devices, the mind will ruminate

on the past, playing over conversations and body language,

‘I should have said this,’ and ‘why did I say that?,’

or on the future, trying to anticipate every outcome

and worrying about the most outrageous things.

The mind is designed to quantify and compare,

not live in the moment.

A child lives in the Now, though. She knows nothing of tomorrow.

She constantly leaves the past to care for itself.

To be a child of God, you must Be.

Be Here; Be Now.

If you try to harness your mind you will fail.

It would be like removing a truckload of dried cement

with a Q-tip.

Instead, cry out for help like a child who cannot reach his cookie.

Jesus will take you out of your mind and into the Present;

with constant prayer you will discover the joy a child feels

Be-ing in the Moment.

Surrender! Surrender! Surrender!

You will be filled with awe from all things, from an ant to the stars.

Gratitude will render you mute.

The immensity of God’s love will consume you.

While the Pharisees clung to past laws

and worried about future retribution,

Jesus and His disciples plucked corn and ate.

Breathe. Listen. Watch. Be.

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

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