4-13-14 If Only They Knew (Luke 19:35-42)


Jesus arrived at the city,

on the back of a donkey He rode

and the crowds gathered round and shouted,

throwing palm leaves ahead on the road.

Singing “Here is the King of our kingdom!

Here is Jesus, the one sent from God!

Peace in heaven and all of the glory!

He is blessed!” O, how they did applaud!

Then the Pharisees mingling among them

called to Jesus as He rode on past:

“Tell the mob to stop all their singing;

tell the rabble to shut up at last!”

From the back of the colt Jesus answered

as Jerusalem took all this in,

“If I made all these people stop shouting

then the rocks on the ground would begin.”

Just imagine the look on their faces

looking down at the stones in their hands!

The whole universe buzzed with excitement

at this day that had always been planned,

for if the crowd chose to be silent

how the heavens and earth would cry out,

singing “Hosanna! Blessed is the Savior!

The Messiah is come, let us shout!”

Jesus knew that His reason for living

was to sacrifice His life for all

and the city he rode toward was destined

to be torn down, every brick of it fall.

As the crowd sang and danced all around him

Jesus wept as the city came into view.

There soon would be death and destruction

for both he and Jerusalem, too.


He rode in and the crowd had no clue;

Jesus cried out “If only you knew!”

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