4-15-14 Great and Wondrous (Acrostic Sonnet with Extra Couplet)


God loves to enter in discourse with us;

Reach out and seek His counsel through the day!

Each time you seek His presence and discuss

A question or concern, be bold and say

The things that lay upon your troubled heart,


And if you ask sincerely He’ll reply.

Now listen to the wisdom God imparts;

Don’t fret, He’ll answer e’en your faintest cry.


When God tells great and wondrous things to you,

Outshining all the truths you once believed,

No more will you hold on to your old view;

Dawn washes clean the darkness once perceived.

Remember this: if you sincerely call to God,

Of this be sure, you will be stilled and awed.

Unmask your ignorance! Ask anything!

Seek wisdom, then prepare for all He brings.


“Call to me and I will answer you

and tell you great and wondrous things

you do not know.”   Jeremiah 33:3

One comment on “4-15-14 Great and Wondrous (Acrostic Sonnet with Extra Couplet)

  1. Cheryl M Burton says:

    Very nice Sonnett by Jay Harding, joining himself by the spirit of our Sovereign God YHWH, with his ancient prophet Jeremiah 33:3 – Amen

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