4-16-14 Motes and Beams (Luke 6:41)


O How we love to judge others! It’s a practice that we do well.

Watching our sisters and brothers and thinking them all straight to Hell.

You can’t pretend you don’t do it, finding fault with your family and friends.

Repentance, you’ll get around to it if you ever sit down for amends.

It’s so easy to point a long finger at someone who keeps living in sin.

After all, it’s not like you linger; you don’t gossip and tell where they’ve been.

If you’re saved by the blood but still practice spotting flaws and condemning us all,

you’re as thorny and cold as a cactus, far from God with a heart still and small.

It is better to live with a sinner than a Christian who spends all their day

finding motes on the outer and inner with their nose pointed up to display.

Every one of us without exception falls far short of the Kingdom of God,

and the habit of our preconceptions only serve to make us a fraud.

There’s a beam in your eye that’s gigantic and will take your whole life to remove.

There’s no need to rush and act frantic, after all, you have nothing to prove.

You should know that the instant you judge you are judged and the judgment is hard,

so don’t wail or hold out a grudge or hold others with lesser regard.

Teach your heart to see only your sins and repent of them one at a time.

God’s sweet Mercy will only begin when you focus on only your crimes.

You are sinning against kin and kith and the strangers you happen across;

it’s your nature, not fable or myth, and can only be cured at the cross.

Now surrender your life to your Savior and leave judgment for men at the throne.

He’s the only one you should seek favour; follow Him and you’re never alone.

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