4-17-14 Doing His Will


A certain woman came to the Lord in prayer:

“Tell me, O Lord, what I can do to serve Your will?”

She listened to the silence for awhile then moved on with her day.

As she left for work she saw the neighbor’s dog in her garbage

having jumped the fence.

She put it back in its yard and cleaned up the mess.

On the way to work she stopped for coffee.

While in line at the counter she overheard the couple behind her

counting out enough change for one drink.

Their clothes told her they were poor.

She paid for her order and then slipped the cashier a twenty

for the two with a finger to her lips and a nod of her head.

At work one of her co-workers confided in her.

The young, single girl just found out she was pregnant

and was terrified.

The woman listened.

She comforted the girl and encouraged her to choose life,

and in private they prayed.

At lunch she helped the young lady find resources

and helped her find the courage to tell her boyfriend and family.

After work she stopped by the grocery store on the way home.

The check-out man was surly but she made him laugh.

Outside she saw an elderly woman struggling to push her cart;

she loaded the old lady’s trunk and then followed her home

to help get the groceries into her apartment.

When she arrived home herself she saw that her brother,

who lived a thousand miles away, had called.

She put her groceries up, began dinner and returned his call.

He was lonely and just wanted to talk, so they did.

She encouraged him to find a church family and prayed with him.

That night she knelt beside her bed and thanked the Lord for His Grace.

She prayed for those whom she had met throughout the day.

She then asked the Lord, “What can I do to serve Your will?”

He spoke to her heart then.

“You do it with every breath, My child.

You do it with every breath.”

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