4-18-14 Do You Think the Angels Cried?


Do you think the Earth stood still

when they took Him up that hill?

Do you think the birds grew silent

when they treated Him so violent?

Do you think God looked away

when they nailed our Lord that day?

Do you think grief swept the lands

when they nailed His feet and hands?

Do you think it hushed the crowd

when our Savior cried out loud?

Do you think our Father wept

when His Son’s pain o’er Him swept?

Do you think clouds yearned to burst

when Jesus called out His thirst?

Do you think the men felt small

when Jesus forgave them all?

Do you think the men looked twice

when He spoke of Paradise?

Do you think He thought of you

when He looked up to Heaven, too?

Do you think Mary cried so

when He hung His head so low?

Do you think it stilled the Host

when Jesus gave up the ghost?

Do you think the angels cried

when our Saviour Jesus died?

Do you think He died for you?

I know He did. I know it’s true.

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