4-21-14 There Is One Thing You Can Count On


The world is full of contradictions, for everyone seems to know the truth.

You try to pull out fact from fiction but it’s like separating tooth from tooth.

There is one thing you can count on no matter which language that you speak;

It isn’t enticement or a come-on, nor is it pumped up with pure mystique.

So simply put is this: God loves you; He loves you more than you could know.

It does not matter how you view all the things in this world high and low.

He loves the impenitent sinner and He loves the most innocent saint;

He loves as much the beginner as He loves the oldest soul’s plaint.

He doesn’t love you ’cause you’re worthy; you’re worthy ’cause He loves you so.

The fact is we all are unworthy, no matter how far we may go.

God loves us beyond our expression, and He wants us to come Home to Him

But we can’t, for the chains of oppression weigh us down in this world full of sin.

But He gives us the key to escape so we can enter His garden of bliss

And the Way to our freedom’s the shape of a wooden cross we cannot miss,

For it is stained with the blood of the Lamb that was sacrificed for you and me,

Took all our sins and said “Here I Am,” then He died so we all might be free.

Now God loves you so much that He went and sacrificed Jesus His Son,

And if you believe this and consent to surrender your all to be done,

Jesus will lead you Home to your Father where the light of His love is so pure

And we are all His sons and His daughters, and our place in His Presence secure.


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