4-23-14 Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23)


Faith marries man to love that he be near it,

Revealing naturally fruit of the Spirit.

Unending joy exudes the soul in Christ,

Influenced by the bliss that Spirit spliced.

Then peace becalms, the heart’s serenity


Of which enriched in man’s amenities.

Forbearance overcomes the lure of sin,


Triumphant knowing Christ will surely win.

How kind and gentle is the faithful saint,

Evolved like Jesus, love with no constraint.


Salvation comes from faith in things not seen,

Professing gospel truths yet unforeseen.

Implicit goodness shines so naturally,

Resulting from God’s Grace that set’s you free.

In moderate constraint the saved bear fruit

Til others thus convicted now take root.

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