4-25-14 Are You Sure?


If you lie down to sleep tonight and wake up dead tomorrow,

where would you spend eternity, in happiness or sorrow?

Please friend, don’t let yourself be fooled by someone else’s words.

They won’t be there when you pass o’er, your body thus interred.

If you’re not sure, you play roulette with your immortal soul,

and when the Day of Judgment comes, and He calls out the roll,

you’ll want your name engravened there to walk with God forever;

you’ll want to spend infinity in Heaven’s grand endeavour.

There is a way you can be sure, there is a way to know:

just give your life to Jesus Christ, let all your worries go.

He is the way, the truth, the light, His Spirit can be in you;

can you not feel it touch your heart right now? You know it’s true.

Don’t hesitate, don’t put it off, you may pass on tonight;

your sins can be forgiven and your soul can be set right.

Just bow your head, fall on your knees and feel His presence now.

He’s holding out His hand to you; just pray, I’ll show you how:

“I know I am a sinner, Lord, forgiveness I now ask;

I know you died for all my sins, You suffered in that task.

You conquered death, You paved the way, I trust You now my Lord.

You are my Savior, save me now, I seek a common chord.

Here is my life I give to You; I seek Your perfect will.

Please show me, Jesus, what to do. Your love for me’s fulfilled!”


“I am the resurrection and the life.

The one who believes in Me,

even if he dies,

will live.”

John 11:25


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