4-27-14 Good

do good

The world is full of hate and scorn, seems evil is having its way;

So many people complain of their lives, you can tell it gets worse every day.

Nobody looks at each other when passing, they are all consumed with their life;

They walk through life with their head in a phone, hiding their worry and strife.

It would be easy to shrug and move on, we all do it more than we should;

If you so desire to be more like Christ, then consciously do something good.

You know of someone who irritates you, they get on your very last nerve;

You try to avoid them at every turn, but be a good Christian and serve.

No matter how cruel and angry they are, treat them with your best loving care;

Remember you represent Christ and his love and might be the only one there.

Expect no results but give graciously, don’t worry you’re misunderstood;

All your sacrifices are pleasing to God, so reach out and do something good.

Share what you have and never look back, it never was yours anyway;

Give freely to all both your friends and your foes and be kind in all that you say.

It is easier said and harder to do when you’re faced with a troublesome soul;

In times such as this, remember to let the Saviour take full control.

That is the secret, to let Christ take charge, You’ll always be glad that you should;

Be gentle to all, to all give with love and remember to always do good.


Do not neglect to do good

and to share what you have,

for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.

Hebrews 13:16

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