4-28-14 All I Have

love god

I worship You with all I have, though small in scope and size;

My voice is cracked, my body’s weak, I’m neither smart nor wise.

But all I have You gave to me so many years ago;

I wore the things You gave me out, my head down to my toes.

I haven’t always loved You so, You know this much is true;

I loved the riches of this world and all but ignored You.

All things revolved around me then, how selfish were my ways;

If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t waste those days.

And then a friend invited me to go to church with him;

I didn’t know just what to do, and then they sang a hymn.

I can’t remember what they sang, I can’t recall the tune,

But something touched me deep inside, I thought that I would swoon.

It was as if an angel came and whispered in my ear;

My heart filled up and tears fell down, the song was pure and clear.

The preacher stepped up to the front, his voice was loud and strong;

He said that God loved me so much He sent His Son along.

He sent His Son down to the earth to save me from my sin;

He sacrificed His life for me so God my soul could win.

The preacher said that Jesus was the perfect Lamb of God

And if I gave my life to Him I would no more be flawed.

I felt a Presence in my chest, Your Spirit touched my heart;

I fell upon my knees right then and begged You not depart.

You welcomed me with open arms, my sins You did forgive,

And who I was before that day withdrew and ceased to live.

Since then, my Lord, I’ve worshipped You with all You’ve given me;

My body’s growing weak and old and You I soon will see.

But while I breathe I’ll praise Your name, Beloved of my soul;

You’ve loved me all along, my Lord, Your love has made me whole.

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