5-4-14 He Lives!


If someone tells you God is dead

or never e’en existed,

they go on faith that what they said

is true, although its twisted.

Where love exists so God does dwell,

with hope there is no prison;

His presence tells you all is well,

in death new life is risen.

How can you prove that water’s real

to someone in the ocean?

They have to drown, they have to feel

the sea’s deep rocking motion.

Don’t doubt the air, not while you breathe,

you do not have to see it.

The Godless man will sit and seethe;

in truth he cannot flee it.

When someone tells you there’s no God

don’t argue, fuss or fight.

If they deny their logic’s flawed,

you’ll never set them right.

Just pray that they wake up some day,

conviction in their heart,

no longer being led astray

their new life will then start.

Love every one regardless of

the things they think is true;

they’re living proof that God is love

and that He loves them, too.



No one has ever seen God.

If we love one another,

God remains in us

and His love is perfected in us.

1 John 4:12

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