5-17-14 Respect Your Elders (a Sonnet)


A man grown hoary, wrinkled, stooped and slow

Has lived a long, full life of love and pain;

The trials of those days makes wisdom grow,

And that is something we should surely gain.

Stand up when in the presence of such souls;

He’s earned esteem surviving all these years.

Through toil and trials each man has strived for goals

Regardless of the sweat, the blood, the tears.

Take care to listen in his company;

Have patience if his speech should ramble on

And hold your tongue if you should disagree

For he deserves respect before he’s gone.

Revere the old as you revere the Lord;

The love you give is soon its own reward.


“Stand up in the presence of the aged,

show respect for the elderly

and revere your God. I am the LORD.”

Leviticus 19:32



2 comments on “5-17-14 Respect Your Elders (a Sonnet)

  1. James Tate says:

    Nice opening poetry, Jay. Lots of wisdom expressed in poem form. Where do you get your pictures?
    Here’s one of my Old Man poems: A very old man was asked to tell, how he lived so long preserved so well. He replied, It seems to me, you must have for long life, Longevity.

    • jaytharding says:

      You’ve got a wonderful way with words yourself, James. I’m jealous. You say in 30 words what would take me 40 to say! Regarding the photos, I go to Google Images, stick in a keyword or eight and then look until one speaks to me. Literally. I need to get back on that medication…

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