5-27-14 The Light In You (a Sonnet)


Beware the light within you be not dark,

Else you be led astray by your own voice.

Be sure of whence the note your spirit harks,

Lest noise deceive your ears without a choice.

Examine all your principle beliefs

And gauge them by the Saviour’s words and deeds.

Your mind can steal His truth much like a thief

To feed an appetite of lust and greed.

Be sure your inner eye has clarity

So that you follow rightly Jesus’ light.

Your heart with Grace must have humility;

Confess your sins to God and be contrite.

Pray always that you understand the Spirit.

Attune your soul to love and be drawn near it.


“Take care then,

that the light in you be not darkness.”

Luke 11:35


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