6-8-14 Greater is He

greater is He

The world is getting out of hand,

There’s angry voices ‘cross the land.

Don’t be afraid, do not despair

The One true God is always there.

The Prince of Darkness runs amok,

He tells us to believe in luck.

Don’t heed his words, he will deceive;

The truth’s within, on Christ believe.

His Spirit lives within you now,

And conquering strength He will endow,

For God is greater than the one

Who walks the earth, who makes undone.

Take courage, child, be full of joy,

God will protect you from the ploy

Of sinful traps, the Devil’s game

To cause confusion, that’s his game.

Trust God’s Spirit inside of you,

You will be safe, He’ll pull you through.

Stay in touch with constant prayer.

Don’t be afraid, do not despair.


“…the One who is in you is greater

than the one who is in the world.”

1 John 4:4


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