making waves



making waves


the sound of

your heartbeat

reminds me of the ocean surf

at dusk, when there is more heard than seen,

lapping at feet like angel kisses drawing soul home.

it speaks to me in a crash of life so immense

mind becomes lost in wonder

and i  become senseless

in that silent instant between wax and wane

where you wait ever so patiently,

just to remind me again

that there is only one

heart, one






where there is no room

for two, we is but a metaphor

of separation and forgetting, of thinking

instead of be-ing, too sober for this cup

passed between true lovers.

you always chuckle when i carry on like this,

drunk on union and weaving with the waves.

this dance is less than mist, smaller than sand,

quiet in the surf-sound of love.  incessant,

patient, it whispers your unspoken name.

One comment on “making waves

  1. This one’s very lovely. I liked the way you put heartbeat and ocean surf together.

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