8-6-14 Temple of the Spirit

temple body

When you take Jesus as your sovereign Lord,

A change begins to happen throughout you:

The Holy Spirit promptly climbs aboard

And now transforms you into something new.

As He regenerates and sanctifies,

The Spirit needs a holy place to dwell;

Your body is His temple til it dies,

So live a wholesome life and treat it well.

Do not defile this temple of the flesh

With baseless sin and moral turpitude;

You gave your life to Jesus – keep it fresh!

As you conform to Christ, you’ll be renewed.

The temple is a place of holiness

Through which His work is done with love expressed.


Don’t you know that your body is a sanctuary

of the Holy Spirit who is in you,

whom you have from God?

You are not your own…

1 Corinthians 6:19 HCS


One comment on “8-6-14 Temple of the Spirit

  1. I was absolutely wowed when I saw the Temple inside a human body, Jay. I had my own visions of it but this truly brought it to a new level. I never perceived it as the Temple that Solomon built but why not. It makes so MUCH SENSE. Thank you, This is huge for me. May GOD bless you continually in your writings.

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