8-23-14 Overcome


Resist the evil one who stirs up hate,

Who seeks revenge and works to so divide.

He uses men and nations small and great

And even your own nature’s sin inside.

The armor of the Lord is yours to use,

So clothe yourself each day with faith and love.

Then overcome all evil and abuse

With good in word and deed from Christ above.

Returning evil of all kind with good

Makes you the conquerer conclusively.

Then Satan cannot touch you if he could

If you fight evil with integrity.

            The grace and strength of Jesus dwells in you;

            Use this to thwart the evil that men do.


Be not overcome of evil,

but overcome evil with good.

Romans 12:21 KJV


One comment on “8-23-14 Overcome

  1. Dorothy Sittler says:

    Pacifism of New TESTAMENT8/2/14 JESUS fulfilled the law Matthew 5:17  and said love, love, love (in a social and moral and AGAPE sense) in Matthew  22:37-39   In Romans 12:20,21 it says that we are to feed enemy, give enemy drink, overcome evil with good.  The enemy cannot penetrate GOD’s child when JESUS is the ARMOUR;  Ephesians 6:13-18 so put on the armour of GOD- TRUTH / WORD, BREASTPLATE of RIGHTEOUSNESS / CHRIST, good NEWS of PEACE / PRINCE of PEACE, measure of faith given us (in Romans 12:3), helmet  of SALVATION / JESUS, sword of SPIRIT / WORD of GOD, praying always earnestly with requests and petitions in mind/ soul/ spirit with preseverance and with requests and petitions for all saints.  Ephesians 6:12-18 We do NOT fight against flesh and blood / people but against rulers, against liberty, against Satan, against wickedness. An example of JESUS in action is in  Matthew 26:51-54 where it says that JESUS healed the ear of the person that Peter had cut it from. May GOD bless us all as we get this and bring all into the Kingdom for HIS honour and glory.  Let us love the sinner and not the sin. We were sinners and are not perfect but CHRIST died  for ALL to come to HIS saving GRACE and KNOWLEDGE in John 3:16,17; 17; 19:30.  Was HIS death only for a few? NO! AMEN   Love and blessings  your sister and friend Dorothy

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