10-2-14 Speak


In Syria are Christians being killed

For not converting to the Muslim view,

And in the USA the schools are filled

With kids that don’t know Jesus to be true.

We didn’t see our Savior killed that day;

We didn’t see Him rise up from the tomb,

But all we see and hear He made this way

So we may know the Truth and not assume.

From prayer are miracles you can’t deny;

You’ve heard the Holy Spirit speak to you.

Speak boldly of these things though men may try

To kill the gospel and your freedom, too.

You know that what you’ve seen and heard is right;

Be brave! Defend the gospel truth forthright.


For we cannot but speak the things

which we have seen and heard.

Acts 4:20 KJV

2 comments on “10-2-14 Speak

  1. Very timely! I am constantly receiving prayer requests about the Syrian CHRISTians. Look how far the GOSPEL has fallen from there. That used to be a GODLY nation. Now North America needs to learn from their fall from godliness. FATHER, let us learn from this and pray and seek our hearts about what can do not only for Syria but for North America! AMEN

  2. Dorothy Sittler says:

    No wonder HE stuck my head and heart into HIS WORD. HE wanted me to have something to talk about that was constructive! Acts 4:20 KJV Love & Blessings Dorothy

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