11-4-14 Focus


If you get more excited for a sport,

A TV show, your business or a band,

Then how in all the world can you purport

To say you love the Lord and take that stand?

If you are saved you ought to think that way;

The Christian mind is fixed to serve the Lord.

Don’t let the devil’s playground make you stray.

Remember why you’re here; you won’t get bored.

There’s nothing wrong with having lots of fun,

There’s joy in many things as you well know;

Just don’t forget the shadow’s not the sun.

There’s more important things than this below.

When you get more excited loving God

You won’t go soon astray with a facade


Set your affection on things above,

not on things on the earth.

Colossians 3:2 KJV

One comment on “11-4-14 Focus

  1. Dorothy Sittler says:

    HallELuJAH! I was in a Church service highly recommended by someone I respect greatly. The praise and worship left me wanting. JESUS/ GOD/FATHER Holy SPIRIT were unmentioned. The instruments, voices were wonderful but with 2 lines repeated in 2 different songs for 30 minutes, I was wanting to RUN. The people were sweet, helpful, the sermon was enlightening, WORD, etc,.  but the P & W?….. Ugh. I am getting very picky about the kind of Church that I want to affiliate with or be known with. Love & Blessings your sister & friendDorothy

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