2-7-15 Thrive

cosmic hourglass

Although the world around you is a mess

And everyone agrees it won’t last long

Before it all collapses in distress,

Because you are a child of God stand strong.

You live by faith so ready for the day

When you shall see the Lord in glory shown,

That even though the world will fall away

You praise the name of Jesus on His throne!

The body you inhabit soon must die,

Just like the universe so vast and grand,

But there is more to you than meets the eye

For you belong to He who will withstand.

Conduct yourself as one who will survive;

Beyond the mortal realm your soul shall thrive.


Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved,

what manner of persons ought ye to be

in all holy conversation and godliness

2 Peter 3:11 KJV

4 comments on “2-7-15 Thrive

  1. James Tate says:

    Jay, your poem reminds us of our temporariness now and our need to prepare for the long haul. Your picture with the message is well selected. The hourglass shape fits right in.

  2. Dorothy Sittler says:

    Let us not be offended or deceived about the appearance and the pull of the world and the changes going on. Matthew 24:5,7,10,

  3. Planting Potatoes says:

    good word!

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