3-31-15 In My Darkness


I wake to silly music in my head

And when I try to pray it hangs around.

How pitiful I am to be misled

By such a meaningless and petty sound!

In honesty, I don’t know what to say,

For who am I to speak a word to God?

I get down on my knees, begin to pray,

The things I say just proves that I’m a fraud.

There’s darkness in my mind down to my soul

And I feel dead inside most of the time.

Oh Jesus, I need You to take control!

Please teach me what to say, please help me climb.

The Spirit intercedes with wordless groans. *

Why would I ever think that I’m alone?


Teach us what we shall say unto Him; 

for we cannot order our speech by reason of darkness.

Job 37:19 KJV

* Romans 8:26

4 comments on “3-31-15 In My Darkness

  1. Dorothy Sittler says:

    Holy SPIRIT sent by our LORD JESUS CHRIST is living inside of us. Let us choose the FRUIT in Galatians 5:22,23 and emit and exude this in our lives. AMEN

  2. Almond Syiem says:

    Thank you for sharing this poem. I can totally identify with it…

  3. Karen says:

    How often are we misled by the enemy into thinking we are alone! But oh, the glorious truth, that we are always in His presence! And if we draw near to God, He is faithful to draw near to us!

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